Angélica Fuentes

Angélica Fuentes is a businesswoman and activist who for more than 30 years has dedicated herself to promoting the generation of social value through various areas. .

Born in El Paso, Texas, Angélica Fuentes has a career focused on working in favor of gender equity and impact investments, both areas, set as priorities of her effort.

Her leadership approach and business vision have led her to hold top-level positions. In 1996, she set a precedent by being the first and only woman president of the Mexican Natural Gas Association.

She also stood out for being the General Director of the Grupo Imperial and Omnilife companies; president of the Chivas soccer team and Co-president of the Gender Parity Group of the World Economic Forum.

Likewise, the work it carries out on a daily basis has been recognized by international institutions and organizations in various fields.

In 2015, Angélica Fuentes went down in history for being the first female CEO to be awarded the Business Leadership Award by UN Women, thanks to the impetus she has given to gender equality in the private sector.

For 2016, she was recognized with the Award for the Empowerment of Latin Women awarded by Cala Foundation, Public Foundation and UN-es. Likewise, in 2017, it received the Recognition of Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility from the Maestro Cares Foundation.

Publications such as Forbes have distinguished her as one of the most powerful women in Mexico and Refinery29 as one of the most influential women working for gender equality worldwide. She was also named to the World Economic Forum’s list of 15 women who have changed the world.

He is currently a member of the Latin American Program Advisory Council, the Woodrow Wilson International Center, Global Dignity’s International Council of Advisors, and the Equality Now Council.

Her work as an activist extends to being a Global advocate and co-founder in Mexico of the Girl Up Campaign, a program of the United Nations Foundation.

She recently founded Muvop, a financial company that has an online course platform focused on personal empowerment and financial education.